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The Worldwide Time birth

Worldwide Time is born from the watches passion that has Sami Zerguini. Fascinated by the technical aspect of the timepieces and by the their several designs, he started to collect watches since 2009 then he rapidly extended his knowledge and his business network worldwide.

Our vocation

Today, our vocation is to share with our collection of luxury watches with all people that are wishing to get one or several timepieces.

The watchmaking: Our job, our passion

We are collectors, passionate for the watchmaking, fascinated by all steps concerning the watch process creation from the conception to the production, we are paying attention to people involved in this process while thanking them for the passion they give us every day.

An international impact

Worldwide Time is an international company. We deal and retail, we are in partnership with several companies located over all the world: United States, Asia or Europe.

Our goodwill to share with you our knowledge

It took us several years to reach this level of passion, the quest is not ended yet since our passion is fed buy by the watchmaking news. Further to a long and deep reflection, we decided to build this website in order to offer you a wonderful journey over the watchmaking world.

Vintage or near to the new old stock: it ‘s up to you

You will find here the most prestigious watch brand including some pieces very little worn or unworn by their previous owners, others are in a good condition despite their age…

The origin of the timepiece

Nowadays the timepiece word is used to name all prestigious watches, while in the past it was a referring to a precise watchmaking tool to measure the time.
it was giving the time precisely from places over all the world.

A marine legacy

The first timepieces were marine chronometers, actually they were navigation tools essential for all seamen. Thanks to them, they were able to know the correct longitude in order to be aware about their position on the sea. At the latitude of south of Spain, a chronometer delaying by 5 minutes it is a navigation error of 100 km.
Later on, the marine chronometers were replaced by the astronomical and quartz clocks that are more precise.