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The family LeCoultre : Three generation of watchmakers

Antoine LeCoultre, the passion of the mechanic precision

Watchmaker master born in 1803, Antoine LeCoultre created in 1826 the machine to cut the pinions. He established his first workshop in 1833 in the Swiss Jura .In 1844 he invented the millionometer, a great tool which able to measure precisely up to the micron level, it was improving the precision of the watch components manufacturing process.

Elie LeCoultre and the factory LeCoultre

Elie LeCoultre, son of Antoine LeCoultre joined in 1866 all work position of the watchmaking within the same factory ; it is the birth of the Lecoultre factory.

Jacques-David LeCoultre : The association with Edmond Jaeger

Jacques-David LeCoultre, the grandson of Antoine LeCoultre and the Parisian Edmond Jaeger began a partnership to manufacture a new generation of ultra slim watches.
Jaeger Le Coultre launched in 1929 the caliber 101 hand winding, having 74 components that had only one gram of weight.
In order to avoid the watch shocks during the polo matches of the British officers in India, The Reverso model has been created. It names came from the rotating function of the case towards the back side of the watch; the glass and the dial are protected while turned toward the wrist.

1958 - 2018: 60 years of performance

1958, the launch of Geophysics Chronometer. Precise, solid and resistant against all magnetic shocks, it was symbolizing the trend watches of this period, the solidness and the precision.
Always looking after the performance, the Memovox was launched in1968, an iconic diver watch with an alarm function that has triple back case in order to spread better the sound when it is in a deep water !
Further innovations have been launched such as the Duomètre range in 2007 that the concept is based on two different movements, one for the precision and the other for the complication.
In 2013, the Master Grand Tradition Gyrotourbillon that the great innovation is based on a calibre without having any bridges.
In 2018 the Polaris range is launched, it was inspired by the famous Memovox Polaris launched in1968 which remains among the iconic models of the brand.

The company

Jaeger Le Coultre is a big manufacture. The brand produced more than thousand movements, it was the biggest supplier of movements during the 20th century for the most prestigious brand such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet.
Even in nowadays the brand is still performing technical wise.