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The benjamin of the Swiss watchmaking

The brand Roger Dubuis still remains young in comparison to other big ones, such as Patek Philippe since it is less than 25 years old.
The brand born in 1995 further to the encounter of two men: Roger Dubuis, master of watchmaking and Carlos Dias that had the vision of the future since he's principal objective was to build a brand based on four main pillars: quality, design, creativity and exclusivity.
In terms of result, design and technics the brand grew rapidly at the first years to reach the holly circle of big luxury brands mainly with the launch of the double flying tourbillon and the flash perpetual in line calendar.
From 1999, each time piece received the Geneva seal which certifies the high precision and quality of the Roger Dubuis watches.

The brand history

A predicted destiny from the child

Roger Dubuis knew at the beginning when he was a child that he wanted to become a watchmaker. Further to his first experience at a watchmaking workshop of his village, he went to the prestigious watchmaking school of Geneva when he strongly was passionate by the movement whit high complications.
Then he went to Patek Philippe company to work in the division of high complications during fourteen years till 1980, after he decided to create hos own workshop.

1995 : The birth of the brand

Roger Dubuis and Carlos Dias will create together in 1995 the Roger Dubuis brand. They wish to be different to other brand while targeting the production of high luxury timepiece mixing the creativity, the innovation of technics , the high precision and a revolutionary design.

The first models

We find this brand positioning in the Hommage and Sympathie ranges.
The first collections of Roger Dubuis are strongly influenced by the Patek Philippe culture design and technic wise.
La marque Roger Dubuis strengthened its independence in 2003 while creating it own balance spring. From 2005 all timepieces are produced in the same modern factory based in Geneva, it is equipped with the best machines of the watchmaking industry with the highest standards.

A name that sounds innovation

During the Roger Dubuis growth, thirty exclusive movements were created, six have been introduced in 2006 during the High Watchmaking trade show of Geneva.
The technics innovation of Roger Dubuis are very rich, we can find the perpetual calendar in line, the minutes repeater as well as the double fly tourbillon, the icon of the brand.

2005 or the departure

In 2005, Roger Dubuis left the company. During his retirement path, he attended the famous circle of time masters in collaboration with other well known to create the time pieces watchmakers Chapter One and Chapter Two.
In 2008 Roger Dubuis is back while joining the luxury Richemont Group. The manufacture implemented a new policy while strengthening the quality of its timepieces, the controls and tests have been increased in order to maintain the high standards and to guaranty the high level of precision. All watches are in compliance with the COSC standards in order to get the Chronometer name in addition to the Geneva seal.
The brand pursue it innovations with a high speed: The ajouré tourbillon, the visible micro rotor, the automatic chronograph, the butterfly date indicator till the come back of the master requested in 2013 by the top management in order to support the new brand development !
Friday 13th of October 2017, Roger Dubuis died. All the watchmaking word will miss him, he considered as the last masters of watchmaking that gave his name to a manufacture.