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Rolex : Reliability, solidity and precision on the wrist

Rolex is the combination of the de modern spirit, pioneer, novation and visionary of its creator Hans Wilsdorf.

The concept of Hans Wilsdorf

In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf was 24 years old, he created a watch company based in London to distribute luxury watches.
Having the vision of the future, He decided to develop wrist watches that will be keeping time accurately and very reliable, which was not the case at that time.
While positioning the brand in the segment of reliability and solidness, he developed and produced in a manufactory based in a very précised movements in Bienne (Switzerland).

A timeless name

Hans Wilsdorf invented the Rolex name further to a long though based on the idea that everybody should pronounce and keep in mind without forgetting it the name of the brand.

1910-1914: The success

The concept of the brand is based on the reliability and the precision. This perpetual search for the chronometric precision led the brand to a great success since in 1910 the official center of watch control and assessment granted to Rolex the first official Swiss certificate that the watch is running and keeping time accurately.
Again in 1914, the Observatory of Kew in Great Britain awarded the brand with the certificate of precision : Rolex is considered as a warranty for the precision and the solidness.

1920 : Geneva

In 1920, the Rolex company established its headquarter in in Geneva, in the heart of the watchmaking word, with the name La société Montres Rolex S.A.
In 1926, always running for the perfect reliability the brand created the waterproof watch called « Oyster », the concept is based on a solid and waterproof case that guaranty efficiently the protection of the movement inside.

1927 : The famous Mercedes Gleitze test

In order to prove the waterproofness of its watches to all the world, Rolex realized in 1927 an amazing experience, during ten hours Mercedes Gleitze was swimming across the sea " La Manche " while having a Rolex Oyster on the wrist. Further to this experience the watch keeping time perfectly.
This event was spread by the media over all the world. From that moment, the marketing and the communication of the brand were based the technical and sport experiences, while enhancing the reliability and the solidness of its several coming references. Even in1953, the Iconic dive watch Submariner that could resist in the water till 100 meters .